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Current Career Opportunities for Maui

Job Title: Behavioral Home Care Givers
Status: Full-Time
Location: Maui (DD)
Job Summary: CARE Hawaii is looking to recruit families who are willing to use a bedroom within their home for residential living for a participant with maladaptive behavioral needs to include intense and continuous interventions to address significant challenging behaviors that present danger to self, others and property. Clinical oversight, training, and 24/7 oversight will be provided to care home givers to learn skills to help participant become more independent, skills for the community, redirection, making choices, and learning to be part of a family unit.
Minimum Education: High School + background checks
Minimum Field-of-Expertise: Ability and desire to handle residents with maladaptive behaviors and carry out treatment plans created by the support team at CARE Hawaii in conjunction with a team approach of intervention.
Preferred Experience: Experience and ability/desire to handle residents with maladaptive behaviors and carry out treatment plans created by the support team at CARE Hawaii in conjunction with a team approach of intervention

Job Title: Case Management Specialist
Status: Full-Time
Location: Maui (CBCM)
Job Summary: Provide specialized case management services for clients diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, psychosocial assessment, needs assessment, creating treatment plans, providing education and support, linking clients to community resources to further independence and stability and working collaboratively with fellow team members.
Minimum Education: Bachelor’s with minimum 12 credit hours in counseling, criminal justice, human services, psychology, social work, social welfare, sociology or other behavioral sciences accepted.  Master’s degree in a human services field preferred.
Minimum Field-of-Expertise: 1 ½ years of direct experience working with persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses. 
Preferred Experience: Clinical skill and experience to assess, plan, develop, coordinate, and provide treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to program clients with severe and persistent mental illnesses under the clinical supervision of the Team Leader.  Need ability to independently respond to the varied needs and demands of clients, families/significant others, staff, physicians and other multidisciplinary team members.  Must have strong commitment to the rights and abilities of each client served.

Job Title: Psych. Tech. (MHT)
Status: FT & Call-In
Location: Maui (Group Home)
Job Summary: Responsible to carry out rehabilitation and support functions such as psychosocial rehabilitation programming, treatment planning, education, support, and provide crisis intervention.
Minimum Education: High School Diploma or High School equivalency; and completion of twelve (12) credits or four (4) classes of college coursework in social work, human services, human development, psychology, or a closely related field.
Minimum Field-of-Expertise: Work experience with adults with persistent mental illness, co-morbid medical conditions, including physical disabilities. A plus if CNA certified. Have one (1) year experience in the provision of psychological or social, or counseling services in a human service delivery setting that includes interviewing clients and/or observing and recording behaviors for use in the development and implementation of treatment, rehabilitation or service plans.
Preferred Experience: Comfortable in large group settings.




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