Excellent, comprehensive mental health programs for children, adolescents, and adults

CARE's Code of Conduct

  1. Honesty in all matters, small and large, is required. Truth is welcomed and disagreement encouraged to increase opportunities for truth to emerge.
  2. When faced with challenges, counsel is sought, and the final decision must uphold the integrity of the company.
  3. Openness regarding CARE Hawaii’s operations is adhered to, providing both good and bad news
  4. Mistakes and failures are acknowledged, and amends made where possible.
  5. CARE Hawaii creates a climate where employees and providers are supported in personal integrity and rewarded for personal integrity in their actions.
  6. CARE Hawaii employs people who act with integrity.
  7. CARE Hawaii is passionate about providing excellent service
  8. CARE Hawaii supports teamwork and the value of caring for the greater good.
  9. Our actions speak louder than our words – our success is judged by the outcome of our services for clients.
  10. Integrity and ethical behavior is supported by the example of CARE Hawaii’s leaders and managers as they adhere to the principles of honesty, fairness and sound judgement.