Excellent, comprehensive mental health programs for children, adolescents, and adults

CARE's Staff

CARE Hawaii's Co-Chief Executive Officers, Dr. Tina McLaughlin and Dr. Dennis McLaughlin, bring with them extensive experience in the delivery of mental health services.  Dr. Dennis McLaughlin was formerly head of the Research and Evaluation office for the DOH Adult Mental health Division.  Dr. Tina McLaughlin developed and managed Castle Medical Center's psychiatric and addictions inpatient and outpatient programs and managed the Bobby Benson Residential Treatment Program.  Together, they developed the original proposal for the Hoahana Institute, which began serving children in 1997.

The Chief Executive Officer of Administrative Services, Dr. Tina McLaughlin, bears responsibility for the overall operation of the project. Dr. Tina McLaughlin has extensive experience in developing and in attaining accreditation for inpatient, residential and outpatient treatment facilities and managing these programs. Reporting to this Chief Executive Officer are the Vice President of Adult Services, Vice President of Operations, the Quality Assurance Manager and the Financial Manager.

The Chief Executive Officer of Clinical Services is Dr. Dennis McLaughlin. Previously, Dr. Dennis McLaughlin had provided care to adolescents at HYCF and then through the Diamond Head Family Guidance Center as a contracted provider.  He currently provides evaluations of individuals with criminal involvement and psychiatric issues to the court as a member of court appointed panels. Reporting to this Chief Executive Officer are the Medical Directors and the Program Director.  Dr. McLaughlin also oversees the supervision and training programs.  Providers are assigned to a clinical supervisor or to a peer supervision group.  Supervisors have responsibility for 7 full-time employee providers.

The Medical Director Dr. Joseph Giannasio, provides psychiatric direction to CARE and gives input to the organization regarding the structure of service delivery and the soundness of clinical practice. He, along with three other psychiatrists, is actively involved with the ACT Teams here on Oahu, and will provide considerable support to all levels of consumers.  All Psychiatrists must be licensed to practice medicine in Hawaii, have completed five (5) years of post graduate medical training three (3) of which must be in psychiatry, have graduated from an approved residency and certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

CARE's Vice President of Adult Services is Linda Mattice, MSN, RN. Her responsibilities include research and development of various programs for Mental Health and Addiction Services for all islands,  including the programs of Assertive Community Services (ACT), Intensive Case Management (ICM), Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR), Crisis Mobile Outreach (CMO), Crisis Support Management (CSM), as well as the current level of services at Kaneohe CARE Cottages (Specialized Residential Special Population (SRSP), and Licensed Crisis Residential Services (LCRS), providing leadership in the implementation of clinical and operational aspects of client care, ensuring an ongoing strategic plan that integrates staff and physician efforts in achieving cost-effective, outcome oriented, quality care.  Ms. Mattice supervises the Clinical Coordinator, Team Leaders, Assistant Managers, RNs, etc. responsible for each program, who in turn establishes, administers, and directs the interdisciplinary teams, which are self-contained clinical teams that assume responsibility for directly providing needed treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to identified clients with severe and persistent mental illnesses.

The Financial Manager is Maria Kinsler.  Her responsibilities are day-to-day accounting operations of the company and include banking coordination, payroll administration, accounts receivable and accounts payable management. 

The Human Resources Manager is Rose Kane, who is responsible for all human resources duties.

The Quality Assurance Manager is Donna Tompkins, who is responsible for all QA, CQI activities.

The Psychiatrists for CARE Hawaii, in addition to Dr. Joe Giannasio, are Dr. Steve Williams, Dr. David Thompson. These individuals each have extensive experience providing community-based services for adult consumers with serious mental illness.

CARE Hawaii Executive Staff

Dr. Tina McLaughlin

Dr. Dennis McLaughlin

Linda Mattice

Dr. Joseph Giannasio